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Buf3D+ 3d viewer & convert

2.65 usd

Show your favorite 3D models and convert to 3DS,LWO,STL,OBJ,POVRAY and OFF, by quality control.- Ad free.- More than 15000 pre-linked models- Very high quality images by transparency and environment reflections- Support for LDRAW models (DAT,LDR, MPD & L3B) - Support for Lego Digital Designer models (LDD,LXF,LXFML)- Loads the most common 3D formats (PRJ,3DS,LWO,DXF,LWO,STL,OBJ,OFF & PLY)- Convert to 3DS,LWO,OBJ,STL,POVRAY and OFF format by quality control, good for reprap software.- OpenGL ES 3.0 support (support geometry instancing)- Automatic level of quality in 3D model viewer- Shader support (flat, gouread, cartoon ...)- Background procedural support- Antialiased wireframe drawing (complete or only boundaries)- Show your models as Wallpaper* CardBoard / vr glasses experimental support
Buf3D use a modified version of Progressive Fans technology developed by Antonio Cortés Carrillo that allows show and build multiresolution models efficiently.* Build out of memory multiresolution models (only requires a small amount of RAM for mastodontic models)* Support for multiprocessor (support up to 8 processors)* Show out of memory level of detailed models* Progressive and Selective level of detail in real time
Amazing Buf3D!!